xDay 9: Pulse – Your Back Office

When you enrolled as a consultant, you most likely also subscribed to PULSE (first month is free with purchase of a business kit). It is a 24.95/month fee. What is it for? So you can do business anywhere! Pulse is what makes our business completely mobile. Our subscription gives us three websites, one for customers to buy product (your sales site, which ends in “.com”), one for consultants to join our team (same address as before, but ends in “.biz” instead of “.com”), and one for us to run our business (myrfpulse.com).

Guess what? We don’t have to do ANY paperwork! It’s all done for us in our PULSE. Our orders are all logged, our customer contact information, it’s where we go to get business information and updates, and also how we track our progress towards promotions.

Log in to your pulse by going to www.myrfpulse.com


And a great video to help you wrap your head around our “buckets” (SV & PSQV), and how we’re paid, can be found here: https://youtu.be/eBkoItrk3V4