xDay 7: Big Business Launch


It’s time to pull out that calendar, get on the phone with your sponsor, and schedule your first three BBLs (Big Business Launches)!

This will be a place where you can gather all your closest friends to share with them these amazing products and our incredible business, all at once!

This is SO important for getting off to a strong start in your business. Don’t worry! Your sponsor will help you by doing the speaking at your first one. If they aren’t local, they’ll Skype in or have another leader close to you come help you out.

Why Three? It’s suggested to do one on a weekend, one on a weeknight and if possible, one either online (virtual through FB) or during the weekday. The first date should be your BIG one. But if people say they’re unavailable, you  have two dates as backup!

So pull out that calendar, get on the phone, and schedule them!! Make it happen THIS month!!!