xDay 3: Working Your List

Yesterday we talked about Making Your List and why that’s so important. We also gave you a few tools to help you create that list.

You might be wondering “ummm, but what do I SAY to people?”

First, watch this 15 minute video from Wendy.  It’s an AWESOME introduction to reach-outs (how to approach people, how often, etc). It’s on Facebook so you’ll need to be logged in. CLICK HERE TO WATCH WENDY’S VIDEO.

Then CLICK HERE to access a resource that will give you specific scripts for your reach-out messages.  I’ve found these scripts to be incredibly helpful and effective for reaching out to people (without coming across as an icky used car salesman;).

Now, as you start reaching out to people they will start coming back to you for more information. Then what?

The key? TALK LESS.

The key to being a great recruiter is to talk less, listen more. Whenever possible get on the phone with people who want more information (FB messages and emails are fine but you are going to get WAY further way faster with a simple phone call).  Start with “DISCOVERY.” Ask questions, listen intently. Find out if the person you’re talking to is only interested in products or are they also open to an opportunity. Find out their WHY (acne? sensitive skin? the need for extra income?) before you ask them to BUY. Do they have any skincare concerns? What interests them in this company/product/opportunity? What peaked their interest? What do they do for income currently? What could an extra $500 per month do for them? How about $1000?

This is the time to ask and listen. NOT to provide answers. Once you find out the answers to these questions, then you’ll schedule a time to either meet them in person with a sponsor or biz partner, OR get them on a three-way call with your sponsor. You want to allow your sponsor to answer their questions, present the business, and tell them about the products. There are a few reasons why:

  1. You’re new to this business and even if you’ve been in sales, listening to your sponsor will help you learn how to present the business, handle objections, and answer common questions.
  2. Your potential business partner needs to see that YOU (i.e, they if they join) do not have to know every thing about the business. We can lean on our upline to present the business. So, anyone can jump right in and start building a team.
  3. Third party validation is so important. Typically your prospects have an idea about the person that you are already. If you’re just awesome in all you do, they may think you can do it, but they can’t. If they see someone with a different story that’s doing this too, it will help open their eyes to the possibility for them as well.

Do this with product too! You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from your sponsor. And if your sponsor is brand new, reach on up the line. ​​