xDay 11: Income Producing Activites

This business isn’t easy, but it IS simple.


A handful of things practiced DAILY will create long term success. We call these “Income Producing Activities,” or IPAs.

To make this business work you need to be doing this ONE thing consistently:

Decide how many people you will reach out to each day and set aside time to do it.

Teamzy is a great tool to help with consistent reach-outs. It even suggests the number of people you need to contact daily to hit your income goals! Wendy has also created a couple awesome “paper” trackers.  You can download those here: http://www.wendyleestephenson.com/income-estimator.html

Remember, a “reach-out” does NOT have to mention anything about R+F!!!  Think of reach-outs as relationship-building rather than business-building.  Reminding yourself of this often will keep your focus in the right place.  At some point of course you’ll mention the products &/or the biz opportunity, but unless you already have a strong relationship do NOT lead with R+F:)


Here are some additional Income Producing Activities:

– Be BUSY / Be SEEN – Meaning, be seen, be around people, be involved in organizations, out with friends, networking, volunteering. Work your business from coffee shops, wear a Rodan+Fields name badge, put the RF logo on your car.

– Look at your calendar and schedule 1-2 events this month for your own DIRECT networking/growth (in addition to your team BBL’s).  These events may or may not have an R+F focus.  Again, your goal is relationship-building (because business-building will naturally follow).  An event could be hosting (or attending) a book club, opening your house for a “Wine Down Wednesday,” getting a group of friends together for a run, attending a networking/fundraising event, hosting a mini-facial party, etc, etc.

– Work on your invite or your follow up calls/messages, &/or text for an upcoming event.

– Scroll your Facebook wall for good R+F post ideas. Post a Before & After photo and/or a business post daily.

– Listen to the National Training Call Replay! (712) 432-1085 Code: 668998#

– Quick Check your NUMBERS in Pulse and know where you need to be to hit your goals.

– Friend request 5 new people on Facebook.

– Reach out to 5 new people on LinkedIn

– Reach out to your PCs. Follow Up once every few weeks with an email, text, or hand-written note.

– Reach out to your TEAM to offer assistance, remind them of free trainings, and plug them into meetings.