xDay 2: Building Your List

Our list is our most important tool in building our business. Any industry that sells a product or service find success comes from leveraging your list.

First question: Where will you keep your list? Do you prefer to keep it in a notebook or in an excel file? Or maybe an online database?

Our team has found that setting yourself up for the best success means starting a TEAMZY account: www.teamzy.com. It allows you to easily export your friends list from facebook and upload into an easy to use daily program so your prospect list funnel is always full. Click HERE for more TEAMZY information and training.

Whether you use Teamzy or another method, just be sure to get started. Build your list and systematically reach out to your list.  We’ve got LOTS more coming on “how” to reach out tomorrow, today just focus on getting set up with Teamzy &/or getting your list started in Excel or on paper:).

As you build your list try to classify each person as an A (part of your inner circle), a B (someone you know, but you don’t know them well or it’s been a long time since you’ve connected with them), or a C (people you would recognize on the street “oh, her daughter is in my class” “oh, we got to church together,” but you don’t know them hardly at all).

GROWTH TIP: Avoid pre-judging. Everyone deserves to an opportunity to know about our Life-Changing Skincare Business.