A Free Webinar for {kick-ass} Female Photogs

How to End Your Biz Money Stress!

{even if just the thought of your banking app makes you want to cry and drink allllll the wine}

--- Mon Oct 29th ---

5:00 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

>> Limited Spaces <<

This training is perfect if...

  • you're a photographer who hates the "money" side of your business.

    (it feels overwhelming and intimidating – and just uggggg!)

  • you've **tried** to figure out your biz finances before.

    (but you’re still in the same {stressful, disorganized} place)

  • you've heard that "knowing your numbers" is important.

    (but you’re not even sure where to start)

  • you want to STOP WORRYING about money.

    (but you’re not even sure that’s possible)

  • Don't miss out!

    The sooner you get started, the SOONER you can create a business that serves you {instead of stressing you!}

  • Mon Oct 29th

    LIVE @ 5 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

What You'll Learn During This FREE Class:

  • The BIGGEST mistake you make with your money

    (and why that’s chaining you AND your biz to a never-ending cycle of stress and scarcity)

  • The oh-so-simple {yep!! it's seriously SIMPLE} way to organize your Biz Finances

    (so you can fiiiiiiinally feel at peace about your money)

  • How to avoid business overwhelm & burnout

    (because if you don’t stop that overwhelm train it can get real ugly real fast)

Yasss!! Let's DO this!

Mon Oct 29th:  5:00 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

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