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Let's face it, 99.9% of us photog babes didn't go into business because we had a degree in finance.


—> You went into business because you love love LOVE photography! <—

But now...? You find yourself getting bogged down by the money management of your business.

  • It’s costing you MONEY.

  • It’s costing you MONEY.

  • It’s causing you LOTS of stress.

In fact, just thinking about it kinda makes you feel icky cause you know you ***should probably*** have a way better handle on all of your numbers. And uggggg...it all feels so so FREAKIN HARD.

But I'm here to tell you: numbers and finances don't have to be scary! 

I can help.

{{{want to know how?! Click here!}}}

Because I've been in your very same shoes. 

I've been the wowie-someone-just-paid-me-ONE-HUNDRED-DOLLARS-TO-DO-SOMETHING-I-LOVE babe.

I've been the if-there's-money-in-my-biz-account-I-must-be-able-to-afford-it! babe.

I've been the ohhhh-shit-I-OWE-taxes?!? babe.


Now I have a photo business that provides a third full-time income to my family without grinding me into the ground with stress and an impossibly crazy workload.

Because I created an EASY system for managing my biz money.  A system that allowed me to double my profit over the course of nine months (without booking more sessions!) because I was suddenly IN CONTROL of my money.

---> Nope, that's not a typo. <---

And I'm absolutely passionate about teaching this system to other female photogs.

So the money side of your biz is no longer icky.

Or scary.

Or a big-huge-mess-you'd-just-rather-ignore.

Cause money is POWER. And you deserve to feel Boss about that, mkay?

First Steps

I can't wait to welcome you to our Tribe! 🙂

xxo  Megan