every picture tells a story...

but will
they also



You're comfortable with your gear...

You have great clients...

You're confident in your ability to create amazing images...

And now you're ready to ROCK the money side of your biz!

(cause making peanuts - let alone no peanuts - is for the birds   #canigetanamen)

Yes! You're reading my mind!

Unfortunately, creating the flexible, profitable business of your dreams can feel like an ever-dangling carrot.... Infuriatingly close, yet oh-so far away.

How exactly does one GET to that place - WITHOUT the exhaustion and overwhelm???

I'm here to share alllll of the biz systems & financial strategies I've developed over the past ten years as a professional photographer (yes - ALL.OF.THEM.) with other women who have BIG photography dreams. Women who aren't afraid to dive deep, self-reflect, and do.the.work. to transform their business.

I'm Megan Lane, aaaaand in the first year of my photo biz I made a whopping $7,469.


Two years later I was making over 60K with my biz in my small Montana town (while still teaching full time).

But I was also kiiiiiilling myself in the process.

Long hours, looooots of stress, and very little time for my children or husband (let alone sleeping).

Something. Had. To. Change.

And that's when I began working on the framework that completely transformed my business.

Over the following year I was able to cut my work hours in HALF, while still maintaining 95% of my income.
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The truth is that your biz has incredible potential.

So why waste years re-inventing the wheel??

My step-by-step roadmap removes the guesswork and unnecessary noise (all.the.things. we feel we "should" be doing)!

Solution Part I: The Framework

Learn all the details of my proven system for creating a photo biz filled with passion, freedom, AND profit.

Solution Part II: The Strategies

I don't just pull back the curtain, I tear that sucker DOWN.

Nothing is off-limits; I'm going to show you alllll of my strategies and business hacks so you can skip years of trial and error and frustration.

Solution Part III: The Community

We are co-creating a community of female photographers who are focused on growing together and supporting each other. No condescending attitudes or mean girl-ing allowed in OUR space!:)

To be clear, I don't teach marketing, or social media strategies, or branding.

You can find pleeeeenty of amazing peeps who specialize in those topics!

I focus on the not-quite-as-sexy, but ohhhh-so-INCREDIBLY-vital "Biz  Systems."

(ya know, the stuff no one else is talking about!)

These Biz Systems end the overwhelm and the "where the heck did all of my money GO?!" stress, and get you on track for the biz of freedom & abundance you've always wanted.

Biz Systems don't come naturally to most of us creatives, but they are absolutely crucial if you want a streamlined, profitable, FUN photography businesses.

Sound intriguing?

Here are three - fabulous & free! - ways to connect with me to see if we'd be a good fit:

Teaching women how to build their own personalized, lucrative, and passion-filled photography business is my specialty.

I think there's a reason, that in the whoooole wide world of the internet, you've arrived **HERE.** This is your time babe!
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