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Why don't we talk about money...?


—> How did it become crass or taboo to talk about something that’s soooo important?! <—

Money matters. A lot. But we seldom talk about it.

  • It causes STRESS.

  • It feels HARD.

  • It feels like we never have ENOUGH.

In fact, just thinking about it kinda makes you feel icky cause you know you ***should probably*** have a way better handle on your money. But uggggg...it all feels SO FREAKIN HARD.


The wonderful truth is that money and finances don't have to be scary! 

I can help.

{{{want to know how?! Click here!}}}

Because I've been in your very same shoes. 

I've been the I'm-making-decent-money-so-how-is-my-bank-account-EMPTY!?! babe.

I've been the if-there's-money-in-my-account-I-must-be-able-to-afford-it! babe.

I've been the ohhhh-shit-I-OWE-taxes?!? babe.


Now our money feels easy and stress-free.

Because I created a SIMPLE system for managing our finances.  A system that has allowed us to buy recreation property in the mountains, take vacations in Paris, go out to eat each weekend, save for our kids' college educations, and support causes that are near and dear to our hearts. All while keeping our stress levels low and our credit card debt at zero.

And I'm absolutely passionate about teaching this system to other women.

So your money doesn't feel icky.

Or scary.

Or a big-huge-mess-you'd-just-rather-ignore.

Cause money is POWER. And you deserve to feel Boss about that, mkay?

First Steps

I can't wait to welcome you to our Tribe! 🙂

xxo  Megan