xDay 8: Your Short Story

Now that you have your “WHY”, let’s start building your short story, which is your type of elevator pitch. Let’s start by answering these questions. Write the answers down in a notebook and share with your sponsor!

1) What was your background prior to Rodan + Fields &/or what is your day job?
2) How were you introduced to R+F?
3) What was the one thing that impressed you the most?
4) What results have you experienced by using the products? (if you haven’t been using it long enough you can share other people’s results in the beginning)
5) How is your R+F business making a difference (or will it make a difference) for you? —insert “why” here.

Remember, when you’re prospecting and talking to others aboutt your business, you want to leave people feeling intrigued. Not feeling like they know all about Rodan + Fields. Then, if they want more information, you can invite them to an event, three way call, or to watch a prospecting video.

Click on this link and listen to our top earners talk about how to create your short story for some more ideas and motivation! Click Here—>http://www.freeconferencing.com/playback.html?n=/storage/sgetFC/kt6/aI0IzY


Here’s a FB post from Erica Stone (our Team 24 upline leader) about crafting your short story:

Crafting YOUR story…
It’s so important and can be something we overlook because we think we know it or maybe we aren’t sure where to begin so we just skip this step. Maybe you don’t know the importance of it?

Well…. can you tell someone your short story in a minute? ONE MINUTE?

This is going to equip you to be ready! When someone asks… WHY? Or you are asked to share your story… do you know what to say quickly?

I’m guessing, only from experience, that this is where 99.9% of us verbally vomit all over people with good intentions of course!

So follow the simple formula below. Write it out. Then say it out loud while timing yourself. It should be under ONE minute!

The Formula

[this “formula” is only slightly different than the one above – pick the one that feels easier to you]

Answer these following questions (with 1-3 sentences each)

1. Who you are?
2. Why were you looking?
3. How you found RF?
4. Product testimony
5. What impressed you?
6. The best part is….

Simple as that, right? Now go and do YOURS!!!! This will help you feel prepared and confident! After you get it written and are happy with it, make it a point to PRACTICE IT & MEMORIZE IT – until you feel COMFORTABLE with it. KNOW your story. It’s the most powerful thing you have in this business and it’s unique to YOU!

Take this exercise seriously and it will benefit you greatly!