xDay 4: Solution Tool

One of the first things you should be getting acquainted with, is our Solution Tool.
We have our doctors’ recommendation at our fingertips!

The solution tool will be so helpful for you as you begin to talk to people.  Take the second guessing out of the equation and just send them the link to your website and solution tool!   It’s quick and easy and by the end of it – you will get their contact information so that you can follow up!

Practice today by doing the solution tool for yourself, and see what doctor’s recommend for you!

Here are the steps to find your solution tool: 

  1. Go to your .com website (if you need help finding that, go to www.myrfpulse.com and log in with your email and password set up when you joined RF, then click the icon on the left that says “MY .COM PWS”)
  2. Scroll down to “Find Your Formula” and click on “Get Started’.
  3. Then, scroll down and click on “Start Consultation”.

It is important for you, and your customers, to know what to expect with regard to the products.

*First of all, the results will not come overnight…..which is why we do not offer samples.  While our fabulous products make your skin feel great, their primary purpose is to change the texture of the skin.  Offering the 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee gives your customers the opportunity to try the products risk free.  And by the way, our return rate is less than 1%……pretty impressive!!

*It is imperative that the usage directions be followed closely.  Our doctors always recommend the following for REVERSE & UNBLEMISH and it will be explained in the brochure that comes with their product:

  1. Week One – treat once per day, every other day
  2. Week Two – treat once per day, every day
  3. Week Three – treat every morning and every evening (as long as the skin is tolerating it)
  4. Week Four – if the AmpMD roller was purchased with the regimen, start using.

​*It is common to see a certain amount of breaking out when starting with treatments……this really is a good sign as it means the products are working, pulling out all of the impurities beneath the surface of the skin.  If any breakouts become unbearable, then contact one of your upline leaders, or the RF Connection (rfconnection@rodanandfields.com) for additional suggestions.  If the skin becomes irritated and overly sensitive, then a slower schedule of starting the products may be called for.