xDay 16: Embrace Being YOU

So today’s training is a collection of blog posts that have really helped me not only in my R+F biz, but also in my photography business.  Because both of these businesses have one GIANT thing in common: lots (and lots) of other people are doing the same thing, selling the same product, and offering the same service.

Which can be kind of intimidating, frustrating, and worrisome.

But this collection of posts have helped me see it not as a bad thing, but rather as a freeing thing!


First – “The Competition Doesn’t Have Sh*t on You” (particularly helpful if you’re worried about *all the other people* who sell R+F;)


Same message, different Boss Babe: “Don’t worry that much about being original. Instead, just be authentically YOU.” (Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic – great great book, worth a read sometime!) Really pause for a moment and think about the power of that statement….  It can be scary as hell, but it’s also amazing and wonderful.  You don’t have to second guess every little thing, you just get to be YOU.


Next – “How to Stop Writing with a Stick up Your Ass” (particularly helpful as you add content to your FB group and send reach-out messages to your peeps:)



Lastly – “What do you believe? Package THAT” (a good reminder that people don’t really buy R+F for the skin care, they buy the transformation, how it makes them feel, how YOU make them feel)



The bottom line?

Embrace your quirkiness, your shyness, your sense of humor, your sarcasm, your love of organic food, your latest find on Amazon or your fave wine, your crazy organized (OR disorganized;) life, your love of science or gardening or crafting.

Let those things shine through and intentionally share those parts of your life with your FB group so that it’s not just one big “RODAN + FIELDS RODAN + FIELDS RODAN + FIELDS” avalanche day after day.  People will tune that out.  But if you’re sharing yourself and your life and your WHY with your peeps they will continue to show up.

And when people show up, that’s when the magic happens.