xDay 14: Go For No

— the following is paraphrased from the book “Go For No! Yes Is the Destination, No Is How You Get There” by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton —


The word “no” has held you back from every single thing you have EVER wanted in your life.



What if it were IMPOSSIBLE for you to fail…?

The simple fact is that your resistance to someone saying “no” is holding you back from your wildest dreams & desires.


So tell me: is avoiding that moment of being slightly uncomfortable [when someone says “no”], worth losing a life of abundance and freedom?


Your goal every day should be to find ONE person to tell you no.

A non-response is not a no.

Nor is a “maybe later.” 🙂


For the next 7 days your homework is to get one person to tell you “no” every day.

Yep.  Gulp.

For real:)

You can do this babe!

(the best part??? when you realize that “no” doesn’t hurt nearly as much as you expect;)