3 Simple Steps to STOP Your Biz Money Stress

a Free Webinar for {kick-ass} Female Photogs


Truth: You didn't start a photography business to spend months of your life mired in Quickbooks or learning complicated accounting software (#canigetahellyeah).

You started a business to create freedom and abundance in your life!

My [easy!] 3-step process will show you how organize and streamline your business finances.

{{So the money side of your biz is no longer icky or overwhelming--and you can get back to the parts of your biz that you DO love!}}

Mon Oct 29th

5:00 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

What You'll Learn During This FREE Class:

  • The #1 BIGGEST mistake photographers make with their biz money.

    And why that creates a never-ending cycle of stress and scarcity for you AND your biz.

  • The SIMPLE (and sustainable) way to organize your Biz Finances.

    So you can fiiiiiiinally feel at peace about your money.

What we WON'T cover:

  • How to book more sessions.

    We often get stuck in the “I must MAKE more money to HAVE more money!” mode (aka “I just need to book more sessions and then my money stress will go away!!”).

    –> But…what if you just need a better way to MANAGE the money you already have?? {yeah…”whoah!” right? That’s why you need this class babe!}

  • Roth IRA's, 401k's, & Insurance Plans.

    This isn’t an investment class or a planning-for-retirement class, if those topics are what you’re looking for I’d recommend skipping this class:)

  • Don't miss out!

    The sooner you get started, the SOONER you can create a business that serves you {instead of stressing you!}

  • Mon Oct 29th

    Being held LIVE @ 5 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

This training is perfect if...

  • You're a photographer who hates the "money" side of your business.

    It feels overwhelming and intimidating – and just uggggg!

  • You've **tried** to figure out your biz finances before.

    But you’re still in the same {{stressful, disorganized}} place.

  • You've heard that "knowing your numbers" is important.

    But you’re not even sure where to start.

  • You want to STOP WORRYING about money.

    But you’re not even sure that’s possible.

Sound amazing? Let's DO this!

Mon Oct 29th 5:00 pm MST (4 pm PST; 7 pm EST)

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